How to install an app plugin in a Grafana container?

Hi, I have developed an app type add-on and now that I have it done I want to install it in a Grafana container. To do this I have followed the steps that say in Package a plugin | Grafana Plugin Tools

I signed it privately and packed the plugin and then unzipped it in the corresponding volume of the Grafana container, in the folder /var/lib/grafana/plugins/ (I have other plugins, but of panel type and these are visible), I have restarted the container, but still I can’t find it anywhere. what can I do?

When signing it, it put me that I needed a higher version of Node, but it still let me when creating the environment variable with the token created.

Best regards, and thanks to all.

Hi @jcabello even if you want to sign your plugin as private you need to use a grafana access policy token or grafana api key. This error indicates you that you are not settings this environment variable