How to ingest into Graphite using python a tagged data point for grafana

Currently use

def send_to_graphite(tuple):
payload = pickle.dumps(tuple, protocol=2)
header = struct.pack(‘!L’,len(payload))
message = header + payload
print ( tuple )
now =
sock = socket.socket()
sock.connect((graphite_server, graphite_port))

where an example tuple is

(', (‘now’, ‘data_point’))

if I want to add a tag, say


where is this added to the original tuple ?

Hello @cadencep45

Might this be of help

To address these issues, Graphite also supports using tags to describe your metrics, which makes it much simpler to design the initial structure and to evolve it over time. A tagged series is made up of a name and a set of tags, like “disk.used;datacenter=dc1;rack=a1;server=web01”. In that example, the series name is “disk.used” and the tags are “datacenter” = “dc1”, “rack” = “a1”, and “server” = “web01”. When series are named this way they can be selected using the seriesByTag function as described in Graphite Tag Support.

When using a tagged naming scheme it is much easier to add or alter individual tags as needed. It is important however to be aware that changing the number of tags reported for a given metric or the value of a tag will create a new database file on disk, so tags should not be used for data that changes over the lifetime of a particular metric.

Good link, but from amended tuple to

(';tag_interesting=yes, (‘now’, ‘data_point’))

but can not see any data in grafana. Where should the tag data be visible - in the whisper file directory ?