How can I set tags for my series?

Graphite 1.1.x added support for series tags - when I see events from an alert, the body contains this field:

    "evalMatches": [
            "value": 16.95133333333333,
            "metric": "{prod}{stats} Lambda Alert Test",
            "tags": null
    "ruleId": 2,
    "ruleName": "{stats} Test Lambda Alert",
    "ruleUrl": "",
    "state": "alerting",
    "title": "[Alerting] {stats} Test Lambda Alert"

However, I can’t figure out how to set these in Grafana – I’ve tried adding the tags manually to the end of my series by just including ;tag1=value, but it didn’t seem to apply the tag appropriately.

How can I set this value?

Nevermind, I for some reason though I could set these through Grafana but I’m pretty sure they have to be applied when the metrics are actually written to Carbon. Not sure how to delete this, but if a mod can it’s no longer a confusion.