How to include a static custom variable and filter based on that in Grafana


I created a custom variable (for dropdown) with 2 static values A1 and A2 on my Grafana Dashboard. This is what I would prefer to display to the user. I would like to filter based on the selection of these variables 2 more static values. That Is, if user selects A1, I would like to propogate “lpd” to the next variable selector, and if user selects A2, I would like to propogate “lpq” to the next variable selector.

The next variable selector is a query selector and is using a graphite datasource. If user selected A1, I would like to have the query of the form icinga2.lpd* and if he selected A2, the next query would be icinga.lpq*

I would prefer to NOT display “lpq” and “lpd” to the user - as it would not make much sense. Again, I would prefer to display A1 and A2

Is there a way for me to do this?


I would also like to know how to do something like this. We have customers which in the data are represented by a 3 letter code, but I would like the dropdown list to show the customer name and the query to use the customer code. Need a look up table with value pairs