How to import a file into Grafana on hourly basis?

Hi All,

Am new to grafana, i have a requirement as below

Getting a File on hourly basis and need to input this as source to grafana .

Any suggestions for the above requirement to create the Dash boards in grafana with a file as input?

You can use one of the generic data source plugins. Unfortunately, they all assume a service is available to return query results, and there is no plugin that will use the local filesystem.

If you can organize the data in a database, then you can use regular SQL in your panels query builders using one of these data sources:

You can also write a simple HTTP server that presents your data specifically formatted for the Simple JSON datasource plugin.

Another method is to write a cronjob that will read the data and push it in Graphite or use the push_gateway for Prometheus.

If you already have a monitoring system and a time-series database (InfluxDB, Prometheus, Graphite), I recommend writing a script to send your data to it rather than create a new data source. The main reason is they all offer detailed documentation and a simple protocol to send metrics to them and it shouldn’t be more complex than using one of the generic data sources.

If you are new to Grafana (I just noticed your statement), then you are probably also new with time series databases.

Your metrics data doesn’t live in Grafana. You need to plug grafana into a TSDB (time series database), then Grafana will query the data and report it beautifully.

To get started with TSDBs, check out Graphite or InfluxDB. I recommend Prometheus too, but some people find the documentation less helpful, and InfluxDB’s documentation is top notch. They all have a simple protocol to send metrics to them. They also each have a different query language but Grafana has a native plugin for all three of them.

Thanks for the input’s Provided adeverteuil