How to Implement Dynamic API-Controlled Pagination in Grafana using Infinity Datasource?

In Grafana Enterprise with the Infinity Datasource, I aim to have pagination parameters, such as “start” and “row,” directly controlled by the API, in a way that it fetches data in chunks like 0-100 rows on page 1, 101-200 on page 2, and so on. The API I’m working with is:

I’d like to know if there are alternative methods or configurations within Grafana to achieve this kind of dynamic pagination where each page requests a specific range of rows from the API, as described above.

I would look into the uql jsonata feature of infinity plugin.

hey, could you elaborate on this ?

Maybe in uql jsonata you can provide a mechanism wherein you pass the ranges as variables and jsonata uses those value to limit the rows returned

What visualization are you planning on using?

Thank you for the input, & I am using Table as the type of visualization.

For pagination, use infinity backend parser. As of writing, UQL doesn’t support pagination