How to implement angular-translate to Grafana?

While I was searching multi-language support in Grafana, I saw the answer which exist in GitHub issue page. Colleague claims that “I have done some research.
I suggest using angular-translate and to do the translation itself in transifex or something similar.” and when I tried to implement angular-translate to Grafana, I could not manage it yet. Is there anybody who implement this library to Grafana before ?

GitHub issue page ->
angular-translate ->

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There is no way to do this currently. Maybe after the transition from angular to react is complete

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Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

I have got translated .html files from “grafana/public” directory but I found out they are not enough. Most of readable text are inside "grafana/build/.js" in compacted form.
Is it possible to include my translations into grafana?