How to get NFS metrics into grafana

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I’m just wondering if there is a simple way to get NFS metrics into Grafana. I imported the NFS dashboard: NFS dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs but wasn’t able to populate any information due to not having the metrics.


  • rate(node_nfs_connections_total{instance=~"$node:$port",job=~"$job"}[$__rate_interval])
  • rate(node_nfsd_disk_bytes_read_total{instance=~"$node:$port",job=~"$job"}[$__rate_interval])

I’m currently on Grafana version 7.2.0 and using a Windows system.

That dashboard is for metrics from Prometheus Node Exporter. Have you installed Prometheus and it’s Node Exporter?

Basically, Grafana is just a tool to query/visualize your data.

But you still need to either have data in some form or collect and store the data in some form.

Prometheus is just one tool that can do data collection and storage of all sorts of things. And the Node exporter is used to collect data from hardware. A single “Node” in this case would be a particular PC or server where the exporter is running and collecting data from.

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If your system using windows, please use windows_exporter

You can query your NFS mount using filtering in the variables
You can see the detail of the NFS mounted using logical_disk collector

Fadjar Tandabawana

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