How to filter time range inside a day, when we want to see 3 months metrics?

I want to see 3 months of metrics, but inputs should only be - for each day - 10 h am - 12 h am , because there is nothing interesting outside this range , and i don’t want grafana do smooth work on the whole day.

Kind of duplicate of Show night time in graph?

See answer there


not really: his question was quite different, since he wanted specific background color on time basis, and the answer is negative.

my request was about filtering input on range basis for every day , i think it is inside the “WHERE” request but i can’t find examples

I guess your right.

However, your feature request is not supported at the moment in Grafana. At least not using the standard graph panel. Maybe there are some other plugin available that you can use to achieve what you want.

You can submit a feature request issue for it over at our Github repo and/or submit a pull request for it. Contributions are always welcome.