How to filter the data

Hi all,
I am trying to filter a dataset because the data has a lot of inconsistencies and I do not want to get a misleading output. I want to filter the records where freshness_status.fresh = freshness_status.stale and stalenessdays=null. And then after filtering the records, I want to create another field called, “parity”. But I do not want to modify the original dataset. I want to implement all of these in Grafana in order to customized output.

I would really appreciate some guidance on this.

I am not sure how

Hi @bieintern
I think you would want to accomplish a lot of this using your query to the database, and/or by transforming the data on the db side first. I think is where I’d start to do so much filtering by values.

What datasource are you using and what does your dataset look like? I think a lot more details here would help

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