How to filter table panel (prometheus datasource)

I have a table panel which queries prometheus for server disk utilization. Each row per server.

To get disk size and % utilization in the table I have 2 queries
query 1:
wmi_logical_disk_size_bytes{instance=~"$server", volume !~ "HarddiskVolume.+"}
query 2:
100 - (100 * (wmi_logical_disk_free_bytes{instance=~"$server", volume !~ "HarddiskVolume.+"}/wmi_logical_disk_size_bytes))

I want to filter the dashboard and hide all drives with “utilization < 70%,80%,90%” so I added a custom “threshhold” variable with values “0.0,70.0,80.0,90.0” and changed the 2nd query to:
(100 - (100 * (wmi_logical_disk_free_bytes{instance=~"$server", volume !~ "HarddiskVolume.+"}/wmi_logical_disk_size_bytes))) > $threshhold

That sort of works but how can I also hide the results of the first query? e.g. When I set threshhold to 80.0 I get this:

Is there a better way to achieve this?