How to enable the Export CSV Dialect in Grafana 7.0

I have installed Grafana 7.0 and have populated some data in the data table panel but when I am trying to export the CSV using more options then how can I add the Export CSV dialect option in the export button click. 11

Any one from you people can guide me on this then it will be much appreciated.

Hi @mohammadawaisjavaid,

Apologies. Can you help me understand: what is not working for you? Are you saying that on v7.0 you do not see the Excel CSV Dialect box?

Hi @mattabrams , (replying on behalf of @mohammadawaisjavaid) we are using Datatable panel for displaying data because of its search feature. But when we try to export csv it does not give us option to check or uncheck Export CSV dialect option, resulting in comma separated sheet instead of a presentable format sheet.

Hi @mahamjamilkhan,

What exact version of Grafana are you running? In the changelog, it appears that this feature was added in Grafana 7.3.0. I tested in this on 7.4.5 and 7.5.1-7, and 8 beta. The button worked on all, but not on 8.0.0-beta1 or beta2.

FYI I’ve made an issue and a draft PR for a fix to this issue in v8:

but I’d still like to know what exact version you are running…

Thankyou for opening up a issue. Please read the subject. We hve mentioned that we are using grafana 7.0 version.

I would strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version. I just spun up a Grafana 7.0.0 instance on docker and the Excel toggle does not appear:

Checking the changelog, it looks like this feature was added, removed, and then re-added with fixes in Grafana 7.3:


CSV exports for Excel

In v7.0, we introduced a new table panel and inspect mode with Download CSV enabled. However, CSV export to Excel was removed. Due to a large number of inquiries and requests, this community contribution from tomdaly brought the feature back.

For more information, refer to Download raw query results as CSV in the Grafana documentation.

When I run docker run -d -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana:7.0.0 the inspect panel looks like this: