How to do field overrides with node graph panel

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Thanks for opening the problem report, @yosiasz .

I’ve tried this on these versions with the same results:

  • v8.2.1
  • v8.3.4
  • v9.0.0-beta2

Still wondering how to change the text displayed in the legend in place of “mainstat” and “secondarystat”. Any clues?

you have tried what? mysql query? or csv inline?
What do you want to change those labels/text to?

@yosiasz ,
I’ve tried everything in this topic on those 3 versions. It was asked in another post what versions have been tried related to these issues, so I was contributing an answer.

I would like to change those labels to a descriptive label for the main stat and secondary stat. “mainstat” and “secondarystat” would be meaningless to the user of this panel. In my case, mainstat would be “times in state” and secondarystat would be “total duration in state”. And I would want them to be different colors so that the legend is actually useful. As it is, the 2 gray bars named “mainstat” and “secondarystat” are completely useless to any end-user. thanks

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Some movement on this plugin

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