How to do a basic search query

I’m trying to find a service to collate all my AWS Lambda logs so I can easily search in one place.

How do I modify this current query to do a basic wildcard search of a string in the logs?

None of the doc examples use the syntax shown here (the docs ones look more like json)

Welcome @dev907c

I am not very familiar with this terrain, but I believe you can use the filter function along with the like operator. Suppose you are looking for a string that contains “Error” in your Lambda logs. Here’s a CloudWatch Logs Insights query to perform a wildcard search:

fields @timestamp, @message
| filter @message like /Error/

This query selects the @timestamp and @message fields, filters the logs to include only those with the word “Error” in the message. If you want to search for a different string, replace “Error” in the query with your desired search term.

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That works thank you so much!