How to Display two Prometheus data on the same Grafana Instance

Hello Grafana Experts,

We have three Application Instances. All the applications have got Prometheus support and hence we have installed Prometheus on these machines.

On grafana Dashboard there are standard dashboard available for this application which is already imported.
Now I have added the Prometheus as a data source for one application and that works fine and as expected, However after adding the second and third Prometheus data sourse and trying to display the dasboard only one datasourse is active and shows the dasboard.

Is it possible that we can toggle for the same dasboard multiple datasource or rather even set different dasboard for different Prometheus source??

Thank you,

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Hi @anishaanil

What dashboard are you using? And can you share a screenshot of what you would like to achieve?

You can definitely add multiple Prometheus data sources to the same Grafana instance–it’s just not entirely clear how you want to visualize everything…

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