How to display if cpu usage is 10% or more than average

Hi guys.

I am creating an alert dashboard for CPU utilization as shown in the attached screenshot.

If the current CPU usage is more than 50%, it is displays.
I thought this was working perfectly.

However, I soon realized that there was a big problem with this approach.

For example, a server with CPU utilization of 55 % will always displayd.
Therefore, I would like to be able to display only when there is a difference of 10% or more based on the average of the 12 hours of data.
I have done a lot of searching but couldn’t found a clear answer yet.

I thought I could use influxdb continuous query or a subquery to solving it.
But it did not work as well as I thought.

If anyone has better ideas please give me a hand.
I look forward to have good news.