Use Status History Panel to Monitor Grafana Alerting

Hello, I’m using Grafana 8.0.6 version

I have many servers monitoring in my dashboards with some pannels, and each pannel has an alert

I want to know if is it possible to get the times an alert has been triggered
For example, in this month the Pannel “CPU usage” sent 12 alerts that the server “x.x.x.32” had a 85% of CPU usage

So I want a dashboard to monitor how many alerts of “CPU usage” in the “x.x.x.32” have been triggered

I know that I can create a query to get the times the CPU has been above 85% of usage, but in that case I will need to create a new query for every pannel I have

And I see that the “State History” of the Alerts could be a way to achieve what I want to do

Also, I know that I can get the changes of the states from the alerts with the api of grafana Annotations HTTP API | Grafana documentation
But in that way, I would manipulate the information by myself in a script and I wouldn’t get a graph as I know

So I was hoping there would be a plugin or something to do this
(Sorry for bad enlgish)

Hi @luisdaniel

Here is one suggestion to get close without using an external script. You could use the JSON API datasource and point it at See below for example pointed at

You could then parse the values and use it to create panels. The one gotcha that I see with the status history panel is that you will need historical data about alert state, and I don’t know if the API can pull that level of detail. this endpoint only returns current and previous state, so would def work with the stat panel or with value mappings inside the table panel, etc

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