How to delete data from Prometheus InfluxDB?

I want to delete some metrics that I wrongly pushed to influxdb using this API queries:

I couldn’t find any instructions on how to that. Is there any way?

Hi @guidogiuntoli,
Check this documentation:


or this documentation if you want to delete data through API:


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Sorry for not having clarified it. I am using Grafana Cloud + Prometheus as data sources. The problem is on Prometheus I would say and not so much on the InfluxDB query format.

Any idea if it is possible to clear the DB in Prometheus?

In other words, when I push data I do it like:


curl -X  POST -H \
"Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY" -H \
"Content-Type: application/json" $URL -d "$BODY"

What is the equivalent for deleting it?

Hi, did anyone find an answer to this question?

Its a managed service, hence I dont think you have the permission to delete metrics once pushed to Grafana cloud.