How to customize Grafana/k6 web-dashboard

I just upgraded to Grafana/k6 v0.49.0 and I have started to use the web-dashboard functionality.

Is it possible to customize what graphs and metrics are displayed and which order?

For (a basic) example, is it possible to have the “Summary” section displayed at the top of the end of the report? and only with these two data points:

  1. http_req_failed
  2. http_req_duration

Currently located at the bottom of the report:

Requested (with some DOM manipulation :smiley:):

Hi @sqa :wave:

Customization of the web dashboard has been explicitly left out of scope for this initial release, at least in its current form, which is a direct integration in k6 as a core feature.

It used to be possible in the xk6-dashboard extension, though, and I believe @szkiba made it so that it might still be available to adventurous users who would like to use that feature. Maybe he will be able to provide more context instructions. :bowing_man:

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Hi @sqa ,

You can find information on customization on this wiki page:

Briefly: the chapters in the report are the dashboard tabs and appear in the same order as on the dashboard. This order corresponds to the order of definition in the configuration. That is, the summary can simply be placed at the beginning of the report. What should be displayed in each section also comes from the configuration, it is described exactly by a JMESPath expression. So, in principle, the content of the summary tables can be narrowed down with a suitable JMESPath expression.


Thank you for the information.