How to custom QueryOptions (or metrics panel) on datasource plugin

I develop a custom datasource and trying to add some RESTful operation function (ex. create delete) to the metrics panel

it’s work.
but when I press [Add Query] the duplicated button is generate

so, I think need move the button to other place.

and I try append an tab, but datasource.js seem no support this
ex.‘init-edit-mode’, this.onInitEditMode.bind(this));
this.addEditorTab(‘Manager’, ‘public/plugins/id/my.editor.html’,1);

then I try lookfor the metrics panel top item, find metrics_tab options
“queryOptions”: {
“maxDataPoints”: true

but this part seem no support custom model

Does any where can let me put my custon function in datasource plugin, and no action on the [Add Query] button ?


it only supports maxDataPoints and minInterval