How to create Presto plugin?

What Grafana version are you using?
Grafana v5.1.2 (c3c690e)

What datasource are you using?
I try to create Presto datasource by use Postgest source code.

What OS are you running grafana on?
Ubuntu 16.04

What did you do?
I’m reading Postgest plugin source code and I wonder how can I create Presto plugin with this source .
I compared Postgrest plugin source code with Mysql plugin source code and it’s not different to much so I think I can create Presto plugin with Postgest source code.
After download source code and changed keywords,builtinFunctions, dataTypes in function SqlHighlightRules + changed the name of plugin, I moved this plugin to


and restart grafana-server.

sudo service grafana-server restart

After that I login into http://localhost:3300 to add new datasource and I got an error :

Unable to dynamically transpile ES module A loader plugin needs to be configured via
SystemJS.config({ transpiler: ‘transpiler-module’ }). Instantiating
http://localhost:3300/public/plugins/presto/module.js Loading plugins/presto/module

Maybe I missed some step or some config , please tell me if you have any suggest.

What was the expected result?
Can query data through Presto

What happened instead?

Thank you.

Did you ever get this working?