How to create clustered graphs?

I am trying to create a clustered graph but unable to. Also looked up different plugins and documentation. Is this feature not available or am i missing something in my query?

Would like to create something like this:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Grafana is tailored against visualizing timeseries data. The nearest you can come is probably looking at the X-Axis modes Histogram and Series support in Grafana.


I’m interested in this as well, but specifically for timeseries data. A histogram with clustered bars for each interval. Stacking muddies the data through aggregation.

Seems to be a pretty popular request:

I am looking for similar kind of graph for CICD jenkins pipeline where want to display total number of Test cases has been executed and number of Test cases passed. I am trying to plot this graph using Flux. Can anyone help to find how to use aggregateWindow for two column together. I am new in Flux and graphana.