How to create BoxPlots grph using json resonse

I am create Boxplots graph to analysis the data . my API responce is in json type like
[{“Nationality”: “Myanmar”, “Gender”: “Female”, “Country”: “Thailand”, “Max_Value”: 426.42, “Min_Value”: 0.0, “Mean_Value”: 71.93}, {“Nationality”: “Myanmar”, “Gender”: “Female”, “Country”: “Thailand”, “Max_Value”: 417.03, “Min_Value”: 0.0, “Mean_Value”: 54.4}, {“Nationality”: “Myanmar”, “Gender”: “Female”, “Country”: “Thailand”, “Max_Value”: 391.6, “Min_Value”: 0.0, “Mean_Value”: 77.81}, {“Nationality”: “Myanmar”, “Gender”: “Female”, “Country”: “Thailand”, “Max_Value”: 221.07, “Min_Value”: 0.0, “Mean_Value”: 31.7}]

How i create Boxplots graph using this data.


~ the grafana team

@anand17 Apache ECharts support Boxplots

If you are using JSON API or Infinity, we have a video on how to use them together

Another option is to use dynamic text plugin with plotly.js

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