How to create a mapping for result values in a specific column of a table?

Hello Grafana community,

I have the following table below, which comes from a Rest API data source (Infinity Plugin).


I want to replace the value only in the “Status” column. For example, replace Status 3 with XPTO. Is it possible? In the native Grafana function, Mappings, it replaces values in both columns, and it ends up being very confusing.

Thank you.


I would use jsonata for infinity and then use ternary operator “? :”.

predicate ? expr1 : expr2

You can use Infinity **Computed column" for this

and with the computed column ( rating == 3 ? 'Good' : ( rating == 4 ? 'Better' : 'Who knows!!' )

and then you can hide rating using the organize fields transformations if you want.