Replacing values in a column with the results of a query variable

My Grafana dashboard has two tings, a table with one column displaying user_AccountID, and a variable Companies that queries a database returning id + name . Now I simply want to replace that UUID in the table with the name that was queries by variable.

The table is based on a KQL query so I’ve been trying to use extend to create a new field based on $Companies but no luck.

Looking in the transformation options, I did not find anything helpful there except of “Field lookup”, which is exactly what I need, but it’s in alpha stage and only allows looking up countries, states, and airports.

One solution that I found was using overrrides > fields with name > value mappings. But here we have to manually add every UUID and customer name that needs to be replaced.

Looking for solution i keep finding posts about chained variables. Chained variables are not a solution to this problem. If you think they are please let me know how because the documentation is not helpful.

Found a solution!

First, the Data Source of the panel needs to be set to – Mixed –

In Transform do an Outer join There needs to be a common field. One of my queries is based on the Infinity plugin which allows renaming them

Other transformations such as Organize fields, and Filter data by values are helpful too

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hi, I have the same problem, but I cant match my key fields, cause from one data source I get the value of the filed am looking for, but in the other data source I get the results of the fromula I use in the other data source, I mean (like a table):
Last Value
Field Requested 1 97
Field Requested 2 98
Field Requested 3 99

Then in my other data source I get :

                      node 1                          node 2                        node 3

string Field Requested 1 Field Requested 2 Field Requested 3

You get my problem now_? as this is not a time series I can not convert from series to row neither.

I need to convert that result in the second data source in Fileds and then I can match it using a join transformation