How to convert customer interval variable to seconds

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I have a interval variable by name “period” and its possible values are 1m, 10m, 30m, 1h.

I want to use the same variable and pass it to prometheus query, however, Before passing i need to convert it into “seconds” (For example if i select 1m it want to pass as 60 in the prometheus query)

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You can try the workaround below (crappy way to do it, would be nice to have what you ask as a feature in Grafana by adding _s to the variable or something like this)

Create a new variable “period_s” below the “period” variable of type Query on your Prometheus datasource and use this as your expression:


Then filter with a standard regex:


This will use several label_replace on a dummy vector(1) query on your Prometheus datasource to generate the string representing the arithmetic expression you need to have the interval converted to seconds. You can then use the period_s Grafana variable in your prometheus queries (note that as this generates a string representing an arithmetic expression it cannot be used in Grafana attributes such as min step or others)

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This was very helpful. Thanks.

The regex in the solution has to be modified to work with later versions of Grafana (I suspect 7.4+ when support for named text and value capture groups was added). If you don’t specify “value” as the name of the capture group, the result will include a name and a value separated by whitespace. The name will be the unfiltered string, and the value will be a number that is not even close to the expected value.

This worked correctly for me: