How to change the order of the "overrides"?

Hi Community,

I created a table that has many columns. I adjust these with “Overrides”. When I insert a new column, I create a new query and move it to the right place. Unfortunately, I cannot adjust the order of the “overrides”, so I always have to search for the appropriate section.

Would that be a desirable addition?


Hi @ulrichc,

Do you think that you could try to recreate this issue on

If so, please let us know and attach some screenshots. If not, then maybe attach some screenshots of your own Grafana instance and what you are trying to achieve?


My Table:

The “Overrides”:

If I change the order of the columns I can just move the queries around.

Unfortunately, I can’t move the “overrides” so that they match the order of the columns. I always have to look.

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to change the order of the “overrides”? It would be perfect if the order automatically corresponded to the order of the columns.

This is just a suggestion for improvement, not a bug report.

Thank you for thinking about it.