How to change multiple variables base on one variable as input?

Hi Community,

I’m trying to use Grafana for one of the use cases, where I want to have one variable as an input for interface. Once this input variable has changed, four variables would need to be changed accordingly.

For example, the input variable is this, where I have a custom variable which is called input_variable.
The definition is:
input1 : model_name_1, input2 : model_name_2
So users can choose between input_1 and input_2.

Based on user’s input, I want to setup four variables, which will have different values for those different inputs. For example,

output_variable1 - when if input1 is selected, its value should be model_name_1_output. if input2 is selected, its value should be model_name_2_output.

I’ve done quite some research on this topic and folks say that Chained Variable can solve this issue, but sounds like Chained Variable can only work on the queries, and my requirement is that they are all variables (i.e. no actual query is used now, this is only a simple many to one mapping).

This is like a simple one to many mapping, but sounds like there’s no easy way of doing this. Any pointers will be welcome!