How to capture multiple radio items to an array

I am using K6 to test a web page, on one of the pages it returns radio selection options.

I am wanting to capture all the available options returned in that page and select one of them for the next request I send.

I can do this using the ".html().find(“input[name=nameofradio]”).attr(“value”) which works however this only ever finds the first radio entry, how can I access the others?



Hi @hirstian02 , Welcome to the community forum!

I don’t know the exact html you have, but something like this may help you:

page.$$('input[name="radioName"]').forEach(input => console.log(input.getAttribute('value')));

If this doesn’t help, please share the sanitized version of the html + script with us.

Sorry I didnt make it clear, I just used a generic term of web page.

I am not using K6 Browser, I am using the notmal K6,

This is the K6 request:

let res =‘’, { _csrf: csrfToken, customerID: ‘123456’});

This is an extract of the radio buttons from the returned html, these are dynamic based on each customer:

    <div class="aa-radios__item">
      <input class="aa-radios__input" id="interactiontype" name="interactiontype" type="radio" value="Incoming telephone call">
      <label class="aa-label aa-radios__label" for="interactiontype">
    <div class="aa-radios__item">
      <input class="aa-radios__input" id="interactiontype-2" name="interactiontype" type="radio" value="Outgoing telephone call">
      <label class="aa-label aa-radios__label" for="interactiontype-2">

Sorry, I forgot to say that I am wanting to be able to capture the Values ie “Incoming telephone call” etc

@hirstian02 : Sorry for the misundestanding, then this will help you :slight_smile:

  resp.html().find('input[name=interactiontype]').toArray().forEach(item => console.log(item.attr('value')));

Thank You so much that worked