How to add the users in the dashboard alert in grafana 9.1 version

How to add the users in the dashboard alert in grafana 9.1 version

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if you meant how to control access to certain dashboards, see this doc:


I trying to add the 3 users to one of my selected dashboards . here i dont have option to add individual users to that particular dashboards alert.
Is there any step-by-step document or tutorial ?

  • In the top right corner of the dashboard, click Dashboard settings (the cog icon).
  • Click Permissions and then click Add Permission.

  • In the Add Permission For dropdown menu, select User
  • Select the user
  • Select the permission and click Save

Apologies if I am not understanding this fully.

Actuallly i’m trying to configure alert for my dashboard .
i configured the disk usage alert , if the disk avg usage is above 80% then alert email should trigger .

what i have done was

  1. run the query and created the alert
  2. In alerts its showing the alert is firing and the health is OK .And i received the alert only one time
  3. Right now i could see that there are 5 -8 servers which reaches disk usage is above 80% . Still i’m not receiving email alerts .

what to check and what to do ?

And where to find the “Rule-uid” in alerts section and after creating new alert iam not able to view the new rule_uid .

PFA for reference


try setting the alert to evaluate Every 1m for 0s, so you make sure it fires the moment the condiiton is met. I think your current setting Every 1m for 2m is producing unpredictable results because the system is trying to evaluate every 1 minutes, but the for part has not finished its 2 minutes yet.

You can check the uid in the url of your browser when editing the alert rule


In addition, you should review your notification policy

group wait 
group interval
repeat interval