How to add one custom header on the top of Grafana Home Page

Hello Team,
First of all , thanks for the great product. I’ve two queries in Grafana development.

1.We have a requirement to display one header with two icons inside Grafana homepage which will be displayed constantly across Grafana web application. We had built grafana from source and tried to make code changes there itself. We had tried to modify dashnav.html file which is located at public/app/features/dashboard/dashnav/dashnav.html. But that’s destroying the appearance of page and also settings and cycle view buttons are still getting displayed on top.

Could you please help me how to implement this? Any pointer would be a great help to me.

  1. How to change icon as per Grafana theme changes from dark to light?

Note: We’re using Grafana version -5.3.0-pre1. (Building from source)

Thanks for your help and support in advance.