How to add LDAP users to a team, before they connect


When using external LDAP auth, users are not shown in Grafana admin panel until they connect once.

It’s a terrible user experience for our users, we ask them to log once, then tell us they do, and after that, we associate them with a team, to give them access to folders and dashboards.

There is many other apps where we can browse LDAP users, not only the synchronised local users.

Did I miss something ?
What can I do, to automate the user sync ? I see that a failed login does not suffice.
I can try to add users in the sqlite DB, but I will probably forget some usefull things…

Another way would be to map LDAP groups with Teams, like it already possible with Organisations.

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given the fact that there wasn’t any reply to this since August 2018, I would like to give the topic a little push …

We have exactly the same problem with the user experience, and so I would also be very interested in a configuration option to map LDAP accounts to teams, preferably using LDAP groups as the selector.

Any chance this will be implemented in the forseeable future?