How to add geojson file in Docker installed grafana for visualization on geomap?

I have installed the basic grafana container using this yaml file to which I added the geomap plugin.

version: "3.8"
    image: grafana/grafana:latest
    container_name: grafana
    restart: unless-stopped
      - TERM=linux
      - GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=grafana-clock-panel,grafana-polystat-panel
      - '3000:3000'
      - 'grafana_storage:/var/lib/grafana'
  grafana_storage: {}

Now, I would like to add a static geojson file to display Polygons on the geomap viewer. I read in the doc that you can add the file in a specific folder. But, using docker, I wish to have this file still available the next time I upgrade the docker image, and avoid to have to add the geojson file inside the container each time.
What would be the best approach to do that?!
Many thanks,

Welcome @ndevillebe

Since the data is saved in public/gazetteer folder :open_file_folder:
Maybe in your volume section add a separate volume wherein you have custom folder for that geojson file that points to gazeteer folder