How can I add custom layers to geomap?

Is it possible to add a custom ArcGIS map’s base layer to Grafana Geomap?

yes it is doable. do you have a geojson file or is your data coming from an api?

I have an ArcGIS app with a layer from a KMZ file, but I can’t use my app’s URL. How did you do it? Did you use GeoJSON?

yes I used a file on disk located at



Does your arcGIS app have an enpoint that produces geojson from the kmz file?

if so, you can use that endpoint instead of an actual geojson file on disk
as you can see here it says GeoJSON URL

This is what it looks like when you use an api endpoint that brings back earthquake geojson data

It works perfectly, thanks!.

Do you know how to create a layer filter? For example, how to set up a selective display for the layers I want to show?

you mean to turn on an off layers? not sure if you can do that. but one thing you can do is turn on and off geometries using this other plugin


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Hi Yosiasz,
this looks exactly like what I’m planning to do, too.
Unfortunately, I don’t really understand the Orchestra City Map-Panel… How can I implement my own geojson there? It looks like, I have to import it to my database (in my case MySQL) and then get it from there with a query. There is no way to put a geojson-URL, right?

Please search this forum, that question has been answered quiet a few times