Geomap GeoJSON URL accepting variable


I would like to have see possibility to have variable be passed to GeoJSON URL parameter so the layer would be rendered with different geo objects based on user input
E.g. you should be able to do this


Check this thread out. It has been amswered few times before

yes we discussed that in that thread if you recall…

But still don’t have my use case working…

First of all having 2 GeoJSON queries each displayed on seperate layer is not working when both queries are enabled at the same time.

And my use case is

  • display on one layer geojson multipolygon shape - which can be dynamicaly changed based on user input from dropdown variable (there is no time variable) - I used GeoJSON type
  • display dynamic data coming from influxDB with timestamp with data represented in colour (so I have 3 queries returning “Lat”,“Lon”,“Data”) - I used Markers type

I got either Multipolygon shape on the map or only path data from influxDB queries but always only one at the same time. For some reason when I enable queries for both layers nothing is seeing on map.

All that was tested on orchestracities panel. If native GeoMap panel would support variable in GeoJSON URL this would probably solve my problem.

It currently has dynamic geojson beta you might want to look into

Dear Yosiasz,
I read several times about a beta-version of Geomap, allowing the use of dynamic geojson. Could you share more information about this?
Thank you very much in advance!

You can see here how to enable