How to add dashboard using dashboard provisioning(Example of cratedb and SimpleJSON)?

Any one know or experiment of dashboard provisioning if you have any example of the dashboard configuration of(Cratedb and SimpleJson)??

If you have any proper working configuration example share with us.


I answered you here: Dashboard - Provisioning(5.0) example

@mefraimsson your given example of the data source provisioning and i want a example of dashboard provisioning

in grafana website just given this

apiVersion: 1


  • name: ‘default’
    orgId: 1
    folder: ‘’
    type: file
    disableDeletion: false
    editable: false
    path: /var/lib/grafana/dashboards

can you give me the proper example of the crate-db and simplejson (for plugin)


But you still referring to crate-db and simplejson which are data source plugins. I guess you’re referring to this documentation?

In the path you configure you should put json files. You get a hold of a dashboard json file by creating a dashboard in Grafana UI. When your satisfied you navigate settings -> view json -> copy to a file and save it as <something>.json and put in the referred path. Other possibility to get a hold of the json is to use the http api and take the response from the dashboard property returned from HTTP GET of dashboard.

If you create a dashboard that are using crate-db or simplejson data source or some other and extract the json doesn’t matter, it’ll work in the same way.


@mefraimsson can you give me the example of cratedb (dashboard provisioning )??

In Grafana docs in small above commented but i can’t understand the how to do using provisioning .


I just did above, didn’t I?