How to add alert for Synthetic Monitoring (HTTP Requ) to be sent to a Telegram Channel (sucessfully setup)

On my grafana cloud setup i’ve sucessfully configured a Telegran Notification Channel. I’ve also configuerd Synthetic Monitoring for HTTP Requ to a Service. There seem to be 3 standard alerts configured (one of them added below). How do i config an alert to send a notification to the Telegram Channel when triggered? Couldn’t figure it out yet.

alert: SyntheticMonitoringCheckFailureAtMediumSensitivity
expr: instance_job_severity:probe_success:mean5m{alert_sensitivity="medium"} < 95
for: 5m
namespace: synthetic_monitoring
description: check job {{ $labels.job }} instance {{ $labels.instance }} has a
success rate of {{ printf "%.1f" $value }}%.
summary: check success below 95%

no suggesttions? is my Q bad?

Hi @jacobhaemmerle ,

So if I undestand, you have successfuly configured a Telegram notification channel, and Synthetic Monitoring is up and running, and now you want to alert on some Synthetic Monitoring metric via Telegram. Correct?

Hiya @jacobhaemmerle ,

To connect a firing alert rule to a receiver, you need to provide a route in the alertmanager config (which you can access from the Alertmanager tab in cloud alerting). Examples of how to route based on various criteria can be found here.

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