Grafana Cloud AlertManager notification channel

I want to use one channel for all alerts in my Grafana Cloud: AlertManager for both the Synthetic Monitoring and the Panel alerts. The Grafana documentation (Alert notifications | Grafana Labs) refers to the Prometheus documentation (Alertmanager | Prometheus), but I fail to get it to work.

In the AlertManager notification channel I have provided the information from the Alertmanager Authentication Settings from the Alerts section of the Grafana Cloud Portal, but that doesn’t work.

How do I configure it so it does work?

Hi @support4a07 ,

Have you visited the cloud alerting section of your Grafana instance? You can configure the alertmanager from there. If you enter your email address in the provided input, it will generate a default configuration for you with a default route and email notification channel. That config can be used for routing alerts from synthetic monitoring (or any prometheus style alerts). Panel alert notifications can’t be configured from your cloud alerting alertmanager at this time.

Thanks, we have configured the alertmanager and it works great when using the synthetic monitoring. So the configuration of the alertmanager itself isn’t the issue.

Why is there an alertmanager notification channel for panel alerts? Is that only available for self-hosted Grafana instances?

My mistake! You’re correct, that should work. What error message are you getting when trying to set that up?

It just doesn’t work. If I configure it with the settings provided here:

Like so:

Basic Auth User = User
Basic Auth Password = API key

My alertmanager config works, we get Slack, email and webhook messages from Synthetic Monitoring. But if I test the notification channel, I don’t get anything.

As I asked in my OP, I would still like to know:

How do I configure it so it does work?

@support4a07 the second screencap you shared in your latest reply is showing the general “Alerting” page in your Grafana which is specific to panel-based alerting notifications, not query-based Alertmanager alerting. For Alertmanager configurations and those notification channels you’ll want to click on “Grafana Cloud Alerting” icon further down on the left menu which looks like a little cloud with an exclamation mark in it (not the bell icon). See @rdubrock’s screencap from his initial response for reference.

@ximenaaliaguilla My second screen capture is how I want things to be configured.

  • I already have setup notification channels for webhook and Slack for panel-based alerts.
  • I already have setup alertmanager successfully for Synthetic Monitoring alerts for mail, slack and webhook.

I want to consolidate all alerts to run via alertmanager, so I don’t have to change things in two places.

  • I want to add one notification channel for alert manager (which is possible, because it can be selected, see my second screen capture)
  • I want to remove the panel-based notification channels for slack and webhook, and only use the alertmanager notification channel

If it is not possible, why would there be an option for alertmanager as a notification channel? I just want to know how to configure it…