How to add a Time Series from chronological Data of multiple Sensors

Grafana Version v9.0.2 on a Debian 10 64 Bit Machine

I have a MySQL Database with one single Data Table, where all the Data of various Sensors is stored in chronological order:
The table has 3 Columns: a Timestamp, an alias (name of the Sensor), and the Value.

I now tried to visualize that in Grafana.
I created a new Dashboard and added a Data Source of Type “MySQL”.
I used “time” as the Time column, “alias” as the Metric column, and “value” as Column Name in the SELECT-Statement:

That kind of works, I get a lot of Dots in the Diagramm with all the Data in the Table, but the dots are not connected to Lines:

If I switch to “Table View”, I see a lot of Columns and only somewhere spreaded the Values of my Data.

I see why that is as it is, thats what my Data looks like.

But is there any possibility to generate Time Series that are displaed as Lines in the Graph View with the Data I have?

Thanks in Advance,

maybe adding stacked series

Ok. Sorry for asking.
Just found the Solution - set the Option “Connect null values” to “Always”…


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