How should I view indicator datas of a single interface for multiple scenarios?

Hi guys, I used k6 to do multiple scenarios load testing and push metrics flow to influxdb, However, the indicator datas of each interface cannot be seen on grafana dashboard.

You can add tags for every scenario Tags and Groups and separate them in Grafana.

@Maksimall89 , I defined my tags to categorize k6 entities on each scenario’s request and check, but still cannot separate them in Grafana.

Hi! You need this variable into your dashboard Grafana: SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = "my_tag" and add for all graphics.

Hi @Maksimall89 , At present, I set a [test-wide tag] in my script and try to configure Garfana by SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = “executionName”, however, the configuration still does not take effect on Garfana. The data on the dashboard is displayed incorrectly or even without data.