How do you visualize rain?

Sounds silly, but is a real question: I would like to see the rain summarized by hours and by day - how to display this, maybe even in the same diagram?

This is my approach:


But I dislike that the sum of the day is at 01:00 and not at the and or at 12:00.


SELECT count("Kontakt")*0.347645 FROM "P41" WHERE ("Sensor" = 'Regen') AND ("Kontakt" = true) AND $timeFilter  GROUP BY time(1d)

SELECT count("Kontakt")*0.347645 FROM "P41" WHERE ("Sensor" = 'Regen') AND ("Kontakt" = true) AND $timeFilter  GROUP BY time(1h)

Daily metrics are at 1:00 becasue your Grafana in the browser is in the UTC+1 timezone and dashboard follows your browser timezone.

Set dashboards timezone to UTC or play with timezone influxdb configuration on the influxdb query level.

What I mean is that the summary is always before the events in this view (instead after it or at the middle of the day at least), so following your suggestion I would need to set timezone +11h and so split the rain of the day (view per hour) into 2 days - no?

No, configure dashboard time zone to UTC = time from the InfluxdDB query result will be used in the graph. InfluxDB daily groups per day are always at 00:00.
That will be your starting point to undestrand better time groupping on the InfluxdDB level. You will need to configure time zone in the Influxdb query (not int the dashboard) in the next step to achieve your desired result (value should be at the end of the day).

Works simple in smaller steps, don’t try to achieve everything in one go, when you don’t have knowledge about InfluxDB. And of course InfluxDB doc about time groupping and query time zone is your good friend.

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