How do I view all of my monthly invoices for the past year?

The Accounting Department need copies of your monthly invoices to us going back many months. When I follow the Billing > Invoices link on your website, I am taken to a completely blank (white) screen with no way out except for pressing the “back” arrow on my browser.

Hi there - sorry for the trouble! For invoice issues with your Grafana account like this, you can file a direct ticket via your account page (or use the Contact page if you’re in a pinch) to get in touch with our support team:

Be sure to let them know what browser you’re using so they can try to replicate the issue or report a potential bug - you should also make sure you’re not blocking any javascript with an extension that could cause that section to not render properly.

Thank you for the promt response, but I am rather confused. My first contact regarding this issue was submitted to the support team using the form on the link you just provided me. Callum in the support team gave me this link for further help ( “Thank you for your email, I can see that you are in need of Grafana support. Here is the link for our community page, where you will be able to get support:” ). Can you please have one of your finance colleagues contact me at

The software developers in our company use this website/application, and the only reason I have access is to retrieve invoices for the accounting function.

The Grafana Labs forums is a community-driven support channel for open source user technical support and we aren’t able to assist with customer invoicing issues here as these must go through our support team. It appears the original contact inquiry was not routed appropriately. I’ve flagged this with our team to follow up on the original contact request for support follow up. Apologies for the confusion.