How do I use the Status Panel plugin?

I’m trying to figure out how to use the Status Panel plugin to create a high level status view of Kubernetes deployments, as reported by x-pack into Elasticsearch. I want to see one block per and color the block based on the value of kubernetes.deployment.replicas.unavailable.

After reading through the documentation provided for this plugin, I am absolutely clueless as to how it works. It’s also possible that it just doesn’t work with Elasticsearch as a datasource.

My first thought was to do something like this:

  • Use the query "state_deployment".
  • Use the metric Max of kubernetes.deployment.replicas.unavailable.
  • Use Group by, Terms and use
  • Use a Relative time of 1m.

With these settings, the panel is completely blank. If I make some innocuous change to any value in the Visualization settings, it will turn into one giant green OK block. If I refresh the page, it will be completely blank again.

How do I use this panel? Do I need to do something fancy within the query to populate some variables? If I Group by, Date histogram or Group by both Terms, then Date histogram, I get the same result with a blank panel.

I am open to alternatives such as other panel plugins, or dashboard templates, etc. I have similar results with the Polystat panel plugin. I use a query with a Group by field, and the panel is completely blank.

Greetings, I’m trying to solve very similar problem. Did you by any chance solve yours? If so, can you please share how? Thanks in advance.