How do I upload a Dashboard to the community?

Please forgive me for asking the obvious: But how do I upload a Dashboard to be available here? (Dashboards | Grafana Labs)

I’ve tried searching both here and online, but it seems I’m running into a dead end - I can’t find any function to upload a Dashboard to the community section. I did create an account, and also a Grafana Cloud trial.

I feel like I’m missing something very obvious, but if not, maybe you should consider redesigning the website and/or documentation so this is easier to find? For instance, I can’t find anything in the documentation either. (Export and import | Grafana Labs)

Thanks in advance.

Ok so what’s going on here? I found the place to upload dashboards (maybe), well hidden under “My Account”, “My Dashboards”.

But when I try to upload a .json file from Grafana 8.2.5, I get this error message:

So what’s going on here? Please enlighten me. Thanks! :blush::sunglasses: