How do I make a scatter plot based on 2 influxdb variables?

  • Gafana v 8

I’m trying to get a scatter plot to see the relationship between two variables using influxdb as a datasource

I have an influxdb measurement that has two fields, hpower (heating power) and utemp (outside temperature). If I format this as a table I get them as two columns.
I have tried using the “scatter” plugin that states it needs data in columns but that does not work, it just insists on putting time on x-axis and the field names in the config are not populated with the field names from my query

I expected that I would be able to select one column as X and one column as Y and it would show my scatter. This has worked before I remember having a 3 dimansional scatter plot between 3 different variables. This stopped working in Grafana 8

So, short question, how do I get a scatter plot using influxdb in grafana 8?

Um… I don’t know what I did, made a new panel using the “Scatter” plugin and now the field names in the config populate so I can select the correct values for my axis. YAY!