How do I hide the Explore and Configuration tabs?

We need to hide the Explore and Configuration tabs from the sidebar for non-admin users. How do we do this?


Thanks very much in advance!

Hi Andrew!
You can disable Explore by switching [explore] enabled = false in your custom.ini file. However, keep in mind that this will disable Explore for everyone. There is currently no way to enable/disable Explore selectively. Regarding Configuration tab, this is unfortunately currently not possible.

Thank you @ivanahuckova! That will work for explore.

Do you have any other ideas about Configuration? It doesn’t make sense to be showing the plugins list to users who cannot install plugins. They have no idea what to do with it. Is the Configuration panel itself a plugin that can be uninstalled?

I don’t think it is possible, as what is visible in the menu per role is mostly hardcoded here. However, if you think this would be useful for you and other users, you can always request this feature/alternation via github feature request.