How do I graph multiple InfluxDB entity_id on a single query (of the same data types)?

I have multiple sensors in InfluxDB, each has a time series of floating point numbers. Here’s what they’re named like:

I am able to make a panel with 14 queries and it looks ok, but I know this isn’t the right way. I should be using variables.

Between not knowing how to get the list of entity names to feed the variable, and unsure how to use that variable in a query, can anyone step me through the process of making that happen?

I’m pretty sure that a capturing regex for the entity names look something like ^(?:bms_cell_)(\d)(?:_volts) but I’m a bit flimsy on the rest of this.

I just want to have one of those fancy graphs that lets you select one or more of the entities in the upper left, and then plot them all on top of each other as a time series line graph.

Thanks for your help

Which version of Influx are you using?

Influx version 1.8.4, I’m guessing theres some language features on newer versions?