How do I add a Data Link that only references part of the data on a panel

I built a detailed panel with more information about these incidents, but when I click on the 3 or the 2 all 9 detailed incidents show up. I have tried many things and can’t seem to get it to bring back only the results I want/click on. I know it is possible since I’ve seen it in other panels. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

So you want ability to click on any row & any column that will take you to a link?

What kind of visualization plugin is this above?

the visualization is a BMC cross tab.
I want the ability to click on any number and have it bring back only the reports for that number. So say I click on 3 it should bring back the details for only those 3 incidents.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do any tabs/features on the parent/child report need to be enabled for it to work?