How can set alert on grafana bar chart

How can enable alarm in grafana? I want when my last data was 0 it alert beep . Is that possible do it in grafana on bar chart ?

So what I know about the alerts on Grafana is here I explain.

To enable alarms in Grafana for a bar chart when the last data point is 0, follow these steps:

Create Bar Chart: Build a bar chart panel displaying your relevant data in Grafana.

Configure Data: Ensure your chart is configured to display the desired data, and set up a query to retrieve the data of interest.

Alert Setup: Within the panel settings, go to the “Alert” tab. Create a new alert condition that checks for the last data point being equal to 0.

Threshold and Evaluation Interval: Define the threshold (0 in your case) and evaluation interval for the alert condition.

Notification Channels: Configure notification channels like email or webhook to receive alerts.

Now, when the last data point in your bar chart hits 0, Grafana will trigger the alert and notify you.