How can i visualize prometheus histogram dato in grafana histogram

This is my histogram data from prometheus

# HELP hbrms_histogram hbrms_histogram
# TYPE hbrms_histogram histogram
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="20"} 0
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="50"} 7102
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="80"} 7151
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="110"} 7153
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="140"} 7200
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="170"} 7202
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="200"} 7207
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="230"} 7207
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="260"} 7212
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="290"} 7212
hbrms_histogram_bucket{env="dev",le="+Inf"} 7212
hbrms_histogram_sum{env="dev"} 237262
hbrms_histogram_count{env="dev"} 7212

Now I want to visualize the data in grafana histogram,but i don’t know how to do .

I want to show the percentage of duration in the histogram.Is grafana histogram could do this?
How can i

How do I show my data like this